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A solar panel is a good way of reducing your electricity bills. The offer from some companies in the UK promising to do a free installation further reduces the costs. A PV or a photovoltaic panel will convert light into electricity power for usage in your home. Some older solar panels may need some direct sunlight for them to work. With many solar panels on your home, you won’t require any more energy from your power provider and your bills will go down as a result. The Energy Saving Trust has estimated that each home can reduce electricity cost by more than £90 annually with the use of solar panels to generate energy.

How to Buy Solar Panels UK

Determine the Wattage

Before buying a solar panel, you will have to calculate your electrical need depending on the number of appliances you have in your home. Some people use a solar panel to heat water since water heaters and air conditioners consume high levels of energy. After the evaluation, you will decide on what wattage you will require in your particular home. When opting to buy solar panels in the UK consider buying the ones with higher wattage as UK homes tend to use a lot of electricity compared to other areas of the world.

Consider the Location

Location of solar panel installationAfter considering the wattage you will now need to select the best location for the solar panels. The selection of the best type and the number of panels to use will depend on the place you wish to locate them.

Look for the Guarantee

Many solar panels may last for 10-15 years but not forever as many is often the misconception. Check your expenses to determine whether the solar panel will work in reducing the expenses for that 10-15 year period.

Consider Some Add-Ons

Add-ons may increase the amount of power you harness. A good example of an add-on is a solar tracker although it may lead to additional costs. The solar tracker will however use the power from the solar panel and therefore reduce the power output.

Consider the More Expensive Photovoltaic Panels

The thin film PV panels are the cheapest but least effective. The polycrystalline panels are more expensive but have greater efficiency. But the most effective panels are the monocrystalline ones made from a single crystal. Their manufacturing process is expensive and therefore making them the most expensive to buy.

What to Consider while Installing the Solar Panels

How Much will the Solar Panels Cost?

Many people will never buy a solar panel mainly because they believe it’s expensive. A solar panel may not be as expensive as you expect. Since 1997 the price of solar panels has been dropping consistently and in 2007 it had reduced by over a hundred times. Having a power array at your home can reduce the power costs and even eliminate them in some circumstances.

Start by considering how long it will take you to save up to pay for the system and whether the company can manage to finance until that time or whether you can get a loan. In your area there might be several solar financing programs you can utilise. You can also consider discounts, rebates and tax breaks to allow you to make a more affordable purchase.

Where will the Panel Be Situated?

Different solar panels will generate different amounts of energy depending on the position they are located in. Therefore checking the average power output of any system may not be helpful to you. Instead you should consult a professional who should advise you on the best location for your solar panels and assist you in the installation. You may place them on your roof or on parking lots. You need to place them at the optimal angle for them to provide the maximum power output.

What Type Should I Use?

Different types will not produce the same energy levels and therefore you will need to select the panel that is suitable for your home. The quality of the product also varies widely dependant on the manufacturer. Always consider the quality and size of the panels the solar installer intends to place on your home. You will also need to discuss the performance with the solar installer before you make a decision to purchase.

Installing a Solar Panel

Fitting the panelsBuy the conduit designed to carry the energy from the solar panel to your home. It should be long enough to cover the distance and will depend on where you want to place the solar panel array. With the conduits in place, you will now build the platform using concrete pillars and 4x4s to support the array.

Once you have established the platform, you will now need to mount the panel on the build platform. At the mounting points, you will need to use angle brackets and also ensure that you have first mounted the front feet. Before securing the feet in place, ensure that they form a square and also ensure that you have centred them accurately.

To secure the rear legs, you will need to use meteorological data to know the most efficient angle for the array. You will then evaluate and secure the legs.

Wire the solar modules together and join them with a fuse combiner box or at a junction connector. Always stripe the modules and join them in pairs before connecting them to the fuse box mounted at the platform and then connected to the ground output conduit.

Before performing any electrical work, you should always take all the safety precautions. Often you will need to employ a certified electrician to carry out the work to avoid the dangers involved.

Always connect the wires properly in the terminal box. Connect the red wires to the positive terminals and the black wires to the negative terminal. Once you have connected them the feeding of the wires will happen through the bottom of the junction box connected to the corresponding positive and negative wire blocks.

After you have correctly set up the array, it will be time to connect the external wiring to the internal control panel. You will first have to connect the solar breaker to the circuit breaker disconnect. This will allow the energy to flow from the solar disconnect to the charge controller and then to the battery bank for storage. If you need to use the energy, it will have to flow from the storage battery to the circuit breaker and then to an inverter. The inverter converts it from DC power to AC power for use in your home.

You must install the battery system in series altering them negative and positive. Connect the cable ends to the battery pack. Then you will have to connect the battery in series alternating the terminals.

UK Solar Panel FAQ

What is a solar panel system?

A solar panel system is a way of producing environmentally friendly electricity via the use of the sun's energy collected on the roof of your property. 

Do solar panels save money?

Solar panels are a great tool to help you save money.

Can you make money from solar panels?

You may be wondering how much solar panels make you in terms of profit. Well this is a difficult question to answer as it is dependant on your power output etc.

How they Work

The video below provides a brief overview of how solar panels work.

The process is further outlined in the below graphic:

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